To open our home to children in crisis is a huge blessing!  Our family has learned many lessons through the eyes and hearts of each child we are privileged to care for.  In an area of such influence and prosperity, we remain grounded and grateful for what we have been given when we see the reality of how many in this community live.   A smile, a kind word, or a safe place to stay is so much more important (and needed) than anything else money can buy.  When children come to us, their stay may be short but they touch our hearts for years to come! 
- Gayle & Richard R.

Short-term Emergency Placement

LFC Families are available on very short notice to take a child into their home. In emergency situations, children do much better in a safe and nurturing home environment. Children may spend from one hour to a maximum of 21 days in an LFC home.

Most placements are made through the Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS). Each child is matched with an appropriate LFC family and range in age from newborn to 17 years.