Long live the new pixel

Machinima, mediation, and the transformation of pixels in the generative AI age.


A sonnet to pixels

How could we live without our little colored dots of light?

Creative and short videos speak volumes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive video is worth a million words! And that is useful in advertising.


The future of AI in the industry: creatives

Generative AI has found vast usage in the filmmaking process, but it is still just the tip of the iceberg.

Ray tracing

Do we really need to chase rays?

It’s amazing what we might see.

Threads logo

Will Threads unravel Twitter?

Meta wants its Threads app to silence tweets.

Are they getting the message?

Connecting and communicating with the mobile, online generation.

Meta 2nd life

Metaverse life is almost legal

If Second Life lives for one more year, it can celebrate with a glass of bubbly.


DBEYR—What’s the big deal about this metalverse?

Is it a rhyming thing, a hardware exchange, or a test of one’s ‘metal’?

TSA memory

DBEYR—TSA will check your cables if you’re going to Europe

Apple users beware.


Are you sucking up bitstreams?

Think of the perils of not being connected to the global Internet superhighway.


Are you ethical when it comes to AI?

Unity updates its guiding principles for ethical AI and hopes users also will act accordingly.