Intel cloud

Intel accelerated VDI with GPUs

Intel employs Data Center Flex Series GPU for the virtual.

Epic Games

UE 5.3—A point release that packs a punch

Includes performance enhancements over previous version as well as numerous new experimental features.


Fifty years later, AMD reverses the numbers

Intel 4008 (1973)—AMD 8004 (2023)

new iPhones

Shoot spatial video with the iPhone 15 Pro

Then relive those past experiences using your Apple Vision Pro headset.

Khronos brings Vulkanization back to the US

An archaic name for an advance API.

Adobe AI

Adobe sends users off on their commercial generative AI journey

But there are rules of the road to be followed and various directions one can take.

5G Qualcomm logo

Apple A17 Pro chip in new iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max with Qualcomm modem

We’re baaack, says Qualcomm.

Jon Peddie Research: Arm’s IPO—background and possibilities

Predictions, potentials, and pitfalls.

GPD Win console

GPD HK’s newest handheld is a nice take on compact gaming

Although pricey, it has some exciting features.

Maxon umbrella

Making Maxon One turnkey

Significant improvements in the fall release add up to a robust solution for creators.

Adobe firefly

Adobe infuses AI into the beta releases of its video products

Releases the AI beta versions of Photoshop, Express, and Illustrator in general release.

Last of Us

PAX West 2023

There’s a reason it allures enthusiast gamers.