AMD rounds out the 7000 family of graphics cards

Two new additions, the RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT, target 1440p gaming.

Nvidia surpasses all projections for Q2

Revenue rose a stunning 101% over the prior year to $13.5 billion, and the company is projecting higher for the next quarter.

X-Silicon was x’d before X

GPU start-up brings MIMD to graphics and compute.

If you liked DLSS 3.0, you’re going to love DLSS 3.5

The image-enhancing AI gets better—seeing is believing.

Microsoft puts MRKT3 up for adoption

It takes a village to raise a standard.

Alas, poor metaverse, we knew thee not well

The stillborn imaginary world failed to become real.

Nvidia releases OpenUSD Omniverse upgrade with generative AI

Continues the advances of industrial digitization.

Nvidia establishes superchip name at Siggraph

Grace Hopper SOC with HBM3e to power generative AI platform.

Fujitsu ends its history in workstation domain

The pioneer of, and in, the workstation industry.

A 750MHz-class soft GPGPU for FPGA

Uses logic rather than GPU IP in FPGA.

AMD’s powerful Pro products proliferate

Expands workstation line of AIBs.

AMD gaming revenue down, but new AIBs coming

The company could launch as many as four new products.