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UE 5.3—A point release that packs a punch

Includes performance enhancements over previous version as well as numerous new experimental features.


Hello, Apple calling—Debuts A16-based iPhone 15, 15 Plus, and A17 Pro-based 15 Pro, Pro Max

Apple pushes the pretty, but hidden in the details are major GPU changes in the new A17 Pro.


GPD HK’s newest handheld is a nice take on compact gaming

Although pricey, it has some exciting features.

Press Releases

Jon Peddie Research: Arm’s IPO—background and possibilities

Predictions, potentials, and pitfalls.

AIB shipments climb in Q2 2023, with unit sales increasing from quarter to quarter

Quarter to quarter, graphics add-in board shipments increased by almost 3% in Q2’23, yet decreased by 36% year to year.

Client CPU shipments up 17% from last quarter

Breaks a two-year downward trend

Katerra Kaput

Kathleen Maher


Katerra spent big to realize its vision of a vertically integrated design construction powerhouse. Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to see …

Ray tracing today

Jon Peddie


I first learned about ray tracing from Turner Whitted in 1980 and have been fascinated by and about it ever …

Steamy results make seeing the truth difficult

Jon Peddie


If one looks at the distribution of AIBs, AMD has about 35% market share based on Q1’18 shipments. Not all …

Nvidia’s Q1 FY21 results

Jon Peddie


Nvidia beat Wall Street’s expectations with their financial report and saw increases from all reporting segments. Revenue for the first …


Add-in Board, Gaming, GPUs, Lovelace, Nvidia

Nvidia introduces the first midrange add-in board from the Ada Lovelace line

Add-in Board, Gaming, GPUs, Lovelace, Nvidia

The RTX 4070, Nvidia’s latest high-end board is put to the test

Add-in Board, Lovelace, Nvidia, RTX

Nvidia adds another AIB to the high-end segment

Add-in Board, AMD, Nvidia

The Nvidia 4090 versus everything