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As an LFC family for several years in the 1990's and again since 2006, I have found my experiences to be most rewarding.  The highlights during the most recent 3 or 4 placements of pre-schoolers have been:  to hear their laughter, see their enjoyment in the simple things of life, like new pajamas or shoes or playing in the park or watching a favorite DVD, and to be attentive and compassionate to their concerns.  It is a blessing to be able to provide these little ones security and understanding during a period of crisis in their lives, be it for several days or several weeks. 
– Becky R.


You Can Make a Difference

Volunteer families are needed in Loudoun County to provide a safe, caring environment during a time of crisis and upheaval in a child's life. LFC families become part of a network, working together with community agencies such as, the LFC Board of Directors and Loudoun County Department of Family Services (DFS).

An LFC family may be:

  • a married couple or single adult
  • with or without children
  • working or retired persons

LFC families serve on a completely volunteer basis and receive no financial compensation. They do, however, receive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that they have reached out to a child at a difficult time and that their loving care may have made a difference in that child's life.